Magneto-Optical Measurement

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Thanks for visiting our laboratory virtually. Our small group is learning to explore specific fields of research, especially optics, magneto-optics, synthesis and characterizations of nanoparticles, magnetic nanoparticles and magnetic fluids. Our attempt is also to develop application of magnetic nanoparticles for biological applications e.g. total and selected protein extraction. With the limited resources, we are always open to explore new relevant fields.

Research Summary

Magnetooptical characterizations of magnetic fluids with the interest to explore its futuristic applications

  • To design, prepare and test tunable diffraction grating using magnetic fluid
  • Tunable birefrengence in presence of non-magnetic silica nanoparticles in the magnetic fluid
  • Magnetic field induced light transmission in the magnetic fluids
  • To develop Magnetic fluid based Mirror
  • Adaptive liquid lens using Magnetic fluid
  • Magnetic field mediated structure formation and its image analysis

Magnetic nanoparticles for Total Protein Extraction

  • Developed the process for total protein extraction with yielding efficiency >99%.
  • Developed the process for bio-analytical extraction of drugs having high protein binding capacity.
  • Protein loading capacity of magnetic nanoparticles achieved using the developed process is 360g protein/ 1 g magnetic nanoparticles, the highest among all existing reported values.
  • Patent application has been filed.

Synthesis and characterizations: Magnetic/non-magnetic nanoparticles & nanofluids

Synthesis route used: chemical co-precipitation, sol-gel, thermal decomposition, etc.
Characterization techniques : Powder X-ray diffraction, FTIR, TGA, SEM, TEM, VSM, magnetorheology, magnetooptics, etc.

Mr. Urvesh Soni has applied for EURAXESS Science Slam 2020. You can see his ‘virtual’ pre-selection video –

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